QIP PDA Symbian

QIP PDA Symbian Build 1021

You can install a new version without uninstalling the old one. This way all the changes will be saved.

For Nokia 60 series owners with OS versions 6 and 7 is recommended to install the version 1. If you got the OS versoin 8 and 9, than you should use the versions 2 and 3 accordingly.

QIP PDA Windows

QIP PDA, Build 1020 (Jazyky: Rusky, Anglicky)

There are four variants of QIP PDA, according to the PDA’s operation system. If you don’t know about your OS but for sure it is Windows Mobile, so the difference between Windows PPC and Smartphone Edition is that the first one works with stylus, and the second is for buttons. All distributives support Russian and English languages. You can change the language at Preferences\Language. About six months ago this version of QIP for PDA and smartphoneson the platform Windows Mobile 2003/5.0 was founded. The application was written on C++ native code so you don’t have to install additional libraries like .NET. We created it as similar like QIP 2005as possible. But we added multi-protocol feature. Now this build supports icq oscar. We are looking forward to add another protocols. The program is freeware. We would like to receive messages from you if you find some bugs and mistakes.